Dr. Gail Myers is a cultural anthropologist who earned her Doctorate in Anthropology from The Ohio State University, her Masters in Applied Anthropology from Georgia State University and her Bachelors in English from Florida State University.

In 2001, Dr. Myers organized the first statewide conference for African American farmers in Ohio Sustaining Communities: Ohio’s Black Farmers at the Crossroads.

In 2005, Dr. Myers organized the 19th California Small Farm Conference in Ventura, CA,

In 2004, Dr. Myers founded Farms to Grow, Inc.

Farms to Grow, Inc. works with black farmers farmers and local, state, and federal organizations to bring produce from black farmers and accurate history and education to low income communities

Farms to Grow, Inc. bridges the gap between black farmers and the next generation,  serving as a cultural resource for anyone to learn about African American traditional farming ways.

Farms to Grow led the way in implementing farmers market in predominantly African American communities with produce grown by African American farmers.

In 2013 Dr. Myers founded the Freedom Farmers Market in partnership with farmers, business owners, and makers, and community vendors who cooperate to bring the Freedom Farmers Market to West Oakland.

The Farmers’ Market brings produce from black farmers and local vendors to West Oakland, a historically low income community.

In 2007 Dr. Myers created the concept for Rhythms of the Land.

‘Rhythms of the Land’ is a documentary on the traditional knowledge, practices, and adaptations of African American farmers.  The film ‘Rhythms of the Land’ will be available May 2014 www.rhythmsoftheland.com.

Click here to see the trailer for Rhythms of the land.

In the past 15 years Dr. Myers she has been lecturing, researching, teaching, writing and documenting stories of African American farmers, sharecroppers, and gardeners.

Myers is considered an expert in the anthropology of African American farming.

Her background includes community organizing, research and program development, farmers’ market and cooperative development, and program evaluation.

In addition to managing the operations of Farms to Grow, Inc., managing the Freedom Farmers Market, working with youth in middle schools, she lectures frequently around the country and consults for community based, local, state, national organizations and federal departments.