Farmers’ Markets


 Freedom Farmers’ Market is a farmers’ market originally started in West Oakland. Co-founded by Dr. Gail Myers (Farms to Grow) and Ken Shandy (Brothers Kitchen), the market features produce and goods from Black Farmers and the Local Community.

Built of community support and volunteer support, our farmers’ market has grown and changed. Our original location in West Oakland was 3000 San Pablo Ave. Today, the market offers fresh produce at 5316 Telegraph Ave. every Saturday from 10-3pm. We are a seasonal market, operating until Novermber 21st.

New locations coming soon!

Below is a checklist for before you build your farmers’ market in your community.

  •  Do you have a group of loyal community members (three to five members or more) and/or community stakeholders,  who want to transform their lives by eating local healthy food grown by local farmers, in particular black farmers, and who will work to build the market?
  • Do you have a location for the farmers’ market?  Will there be a place for storage of tents, tables, banners, baskets, market scale, A-frames and other market supplies & equipment at the proposed location?
  •  Is there an already expressed interest in a farmers’ market at the location? Have you spoken your larger community or those beyond your organization’s membership about the farmers’ market?
  • Do you access to local farmers, urban gardeners, bakers, makers, etc?
  •  Do you have an operating budget to use for the farmers’  market? Is there already operating capital set aside or will you have to raise funds or write a grant?

 Farms to Grow, Inc. Grow it! Eat it! Love it!

FARMS TO GROW educates our communities by creating spaces for people to learn how to grow organic foods and prepare healthy meals. Find out about our programs for youth, gardening classes, and farmers resources. Knowledge is power, and the power to grow food is priceless.

FARMS TO GROW, INC is a 501(c)3 non profit organization dedicated to working with black farmers and under-served sustainable farmers. FTGI is committed to sustainable farming and innovative agricultural practices which preserve the diversity and ecological balance of the local environment. FTGI aims to increase the capacity of under-served farmers to keep their farm operations and establish farming as a viable career alternative for future generations. Under-served farmers may include minority groups, women, and the physically challenged and limited access organic farmers.

FARMS TO GROW programs include, gardens, youth, and community